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James Kent has founded James Kent Content to use his 10+ years of experience to provide content writing and social media marketing services. A summary of that experience includes writing more than 2,000 articles online with content featured on such sites as Bleacher Report, What Culture, Yahoo! Sports among various others. On the social media side, he has worked with such brands as Bloomberg Sports, Fitness Backer and Fitcial. He has spent time living in both the USA and UK and holds a BSc in Sport, Entertainment and Event Management and an MA in Marketing. Feel free to look at his social media links below for more information.

About Social Media Marketing & Content Writing

There are various ways your business can benefit from social media marketing and content writing. In this section we will outline some of those, so you can get a better idea of the benefits of using our services.

So let’s now get stuck into some of the things you can gain:

1. More Web Traffic

Of course, social media engagement and web traffic don’t always go together. However, a smart strategy should ensure a decent amount of that traction does convert to web traffic. The same goes for a regular supply of quality content for your blog.

2. Increase Brand Exposure

Even when social media doesn’t create a lot of web traffic back to your site, that doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t any benefits. For example, if your brand gains traction on social media, this can create a buzz and get your name in front of possible customers. It’s also true to say that diverting traffic to a website is more important for some businesses than others. This means that brand exposure may be the main thing you want to achieve with your digital strategy.

3. Drive Sales

Again, reflecting on the previous point. Some businesses sell their products directly on a website, while others do so through a physical location. Therefore, your social media goals will play an important part here. In either case, social media and content can play an essential role in generating or increasing sales.

4. Improve Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, social media now plays an important part. Brands should be aware that customers will share positive and negative feedback on social media. This means that your business needs to be ready to respond, or at least take note of what your customers are saying about you.

5. Understand Your Customers Better

In the modern era, most of your customers are going to be using social media. This is especially the case if you have a younger target audience. As you connect with your customers and fans online, you will learn more about what they like, which will help you create better products for them – and understand how to market them.

1 %
of customers that have a positive experience with a brand on social media will recommend it to others Source: ambassador
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The Benefits of Working With Us

At this point, you might be wondering how we work in comparison to larger agencies. There are indeed advantages of using larger agencies such as a bigger team to work on your brand and the reputation the agency may have, along with case studies of previous work they have done. This might be the right solution for some of the bigger brands.

However, James Kent Content enjoys working with small to medium-sized businesses and can offer some things that some other agencies may not be able to.

Here’s a look at some of those benefits in more detail:

1. Personal Service

As mentioned, some agencies may be able to offer you an army of digital marketing experts. However, that can mean that you don’t get as much personal attention. What we can offer, is one expert that will be your contact and will perform everything from setting the strategy to posting the content to compiling your monthly report. If you’re a small business, then it’s that personal service that should be most important to you.

2. Attention to Detail

Again, a big team doesn’t necessarily assist your brand. The critical thing is the quality that you get for your brand. With some of the other agencies, you are relying on their reputation and management. At James Kent Content, we will work with your brand to understand your business and develop the best content. You will know who is doing the work and the quality will remain high throughout.  

3. Budget

As a smaller agency, we don’t have high overheads. This means we put the majority of our income into producing the best quality social media and content. Some of the larger agencies might charge you thousands of dollars per month, simply put you get a better deal working with us.

4. Flexible Contracts

In addition to getting a good deal, we can offer more flexibility. Some agencies will want you to commit to a long-term contract for example. However, our contracts are flexible and run month by month.

5. Bespoke Inclusive Packages

Like most agencies, we have packages for our social media. However, we are also happy to create a package to meet your specific needs, meaning you only pay for the things you actually want. If you commit to monthly package we will also include a social media audit, set-up and strategy for free. These sort of offers are yet another reason to work with us.

Our Services

Social Media Packages

If you are looking to outsource your social media, then you should find a monthly plan that suits you.

We have packages covering Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and targeted following.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is available as a standalone package or can be added to any of our other social media packages.


Content Writing

As well as our social media services, we also provide content writing services. Our niches include digital marketing, sport/fitness.

Our Work

You may well be interested in some samples of our work. On the right side, you can see some content currently available for sale on Constant Content.

This provides a lot of insight into the sort of content that we typically write. Here at James Kent Content, we believe that list-style articles are best as they are more popular, easier to share on social media and are easier to read.

Some of the topics covered on Constant Content include:

  • Digital Marketing (Social Media)
  • Personal Finance 
  • Online Business

In addition, we provide content on sports and health & fitness.

In terms of social media examples and more content samples, click the button below so you can learn more about our work.

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