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This is the page on our website where you can see some of the work we have done. When appropriate, we will update this page with our latest work. Keep in mind, you will find here a mixture of work James Kent has done and work done under the James Kent Content banner.

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Social Media Case Studies

Fitness Backer (2014 - 2018)

Fitness Backer was created by James Kent in December, 2014. This was after he left a health & fitness start-up that we will come onto next. Fitness Backer was originally designed to be a social media brand only, but James quickly discovered that the combination of social media and content work perfectly together.

This means that the social media has a place to direct users and the content acts as an excellent source of social media material. As mentioned, Fitness Backer was started from scratch, so any results were from a zero start. James is very proud of the fact he was able to achieve success for the website and social media channels, read on to learn about some of the key achievements.

Key Achievements

  • Alexa web ranking of 912,000 worldwide achieved in December 2015
  • Top Klout score of 60 with an average in the mid 50s
  • 17, 000 social media followers across Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest

Social Media Samples

Fitness Backer Twitter
Fitness Backer Twitter
Fitness Backer Facebook
Fitness Backer Facebook
Fitness Backer Pinterest
Fitness Backer Pinterest
Fitness Backer Content
Fitness Backer Content Example #2
Fitness Backer Content Example #2

Fitcial (2014)

James was in charge of social media at Fitcial during 2014, prior to starting Fitness Backer. Fitcial was a health & fitness start-up designed to bring people together both online and offline. Before starting, the start-up had a very low amount of activity and followers, so James had the opportunity to shape things the way he wanted. The status was social media accounts had been created but there were only a handful of followers across them all.

Key Achievements

  • Set-Up various Pinterest boards that laid the foundations of an account that now has 25k followers and 255k monthly engaged users
  • Significantly grew engagement on Facebook and Twitter as well as gaining 3000+ followers on these platforms
  • Increased Klout score from 12 to 50 

Social Media Samples

Fitcial Twitter
Fitcial Facebook
Fitcial Facebook
Fitcial Pinterest

Bloomberg Sports (2013)

James was involved with Bloomberg Sports (BSports) during 2013. This work centred on Premier League football on both content writing and social media. The business also focused on sports analytics. Read on to learn about some of the work and achievements in the role as it relates to social media.

Key Work & Achievements

  • Took ownership of BSports Football Twitter account and built following from 0 to 1,800 in two months
  • Responsible for engaging audience and sharing content on social media
  • Live tweeting stats and updates during Premier League matches

Other Social Media Work (2011 to Present)

James Kent has been involved with social media work since 2011, some of this has already been outlined above. It’s worth mentioning though there are other things that should be mentioned here. James has done some social media work for 90 Min and Sporting Portal. The focus here was running various brand Twitter accounts.

James has also been working as a freelance writer for 10+ years, and we will bring you samples from that work shortly. It’s clear there is a connection between content writing and social media. It has been necessary to build a strong social media following and engaging updates to be a successful online writer.

Key Achievements

  • Grew Twitter accounts related to sports for 90 Min & Sporting Portal
  • Started previous Twitter account from scratch and increased following to over 15k
  • Current Twitter account started in 2016 and now has 5.5k followers

Social Media Samples

Current Twitter
Old Twitter
Jameskent076 2

Content Writing Samples

James has written several thousand articles for an online audience. It’s hard to sum that up briefly, but in this section we will sum up some of those samples. Along with links where you can find more content. Remember also on the home page their is a link to our Constant Content page that provides further information and details on subjects covered and how articles are typically structured. 

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